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(From June newsletter)

President’s Piece By Bill Burnside

The president’s perspective…
No one likes “change”.  It is difficult and unsettling.  But when faced with either change or extinction, change is the easier choice.  In my opinion, we are at this crossroads as a club.  We cannot afford to continue to do what we have been doing for the past decade and expect different results.  Here are my observations and thoughts:

  1. Our meetings are boring.  We talk about birthdays and anniversaries of people that are not in attendance.  We talk about those who are sick.  These are not agenda items that a younger crowd wants to discuss.  Additionally, there are no new thoughts or ideas discussed at the meeting that will take us into the next decade.  So, I would propose that we move to quarterly meetings and let the officers run the club the rest of the time.  Each month when there is no general club meeting, the officers will have a conference call to discuss club business and will update the club members through the club newsletter and emails.  If we can grow our club base, then there may be a time in the future when we again hold monthly meetings.
  2. We need events rather than meetings.  We will create a couple of events each month in which we can drive our cars/trucks and get 
    them exposed to the water-pumping public.  We can have our normal conversations about what we have been doing to our cars at that time.  I see these events around breakfast, dinner, and dessert options and a few selected car shows.  Probably two per month, but all ideas can be placed on the table for discussion.  For the most part, these events are meant to be quick and fun with minimal planning and where we can expose our Corvairs!
  3. We must thoughtfully spend money on outreach.  We are fortunate to have a small but tidy sum of money in the bank.  We will need to use some of these funds to find advisors who can help us reach Corvair owners on local social media platforms.  Our web site must be updated and maintained.  I do not pretend to know much about connecting with younger people, but there are those who do.  Corvairs and bought and sold everyday and we must reach out to the new owners and get them involved in our club – initially through social media and our events.
  4. We must support our club car shows.  We have three shows a year as a club.  Two at the AutoFair, which is in our backyard, and the Springfest Show in Helen, GA, which is our only source of revenue as a club. We, as club members, need to be participating in these events – if we want to get our Corvairs out into the public eye and create brand awareness.
  5. Tech sessions.  We may need to bring back these sessions if it brings in newer Corvair owners into our midst.  These sessions may be a good outreach tool.
  6. Connection to CORSA NC.  I have recently joined CORSA NC as an at-large member and expect to work toward better relations with them.  We will all have better club results if we collectively work together.  I am not advocating 
    a change to our current chapter status but believe that there is room to improve our working relationship.  I will be attending the CORSA NC meeting hosted by the Capital City Corvair Club and held in Mebane, NC on June 29th.
    All of this is just for starters.  I am open as your president to other, new, growth ideas.  Additionally, we will must look at our mission statement and club bylaws to see if any updates are needed.  Our next club meeting will be held on Monday, June 10, at John’s Restaurant.  Come and participate in the discussion of these ideas.  I expect to have a motion made and an up or down vote on the change in monthly meetings.
    New Member His name is Jerry Hancock and his wife’s name is Emmie.  They live in Davidson, NC, and own a 1964 Red Monza Convertible.  We want to welcome them to the Queen City Corvair Club and look forward to seeing them at our meetings.
    QCCC Elections Elections were held at the May meeting and the following were elected to a new term of one year:
    Al Rich Treasurer
    Sara Jenkins Secretary
    Ronnie Jenkins Vice President
    Bill Burnside President
    Thanks to JC Nelson for his year of service as President.